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Many thanks!

Just wanted to say thank you to all of the people that dropped in and gave me advice on my most recent, and first batch of home brew. Although the beer (an Scottish Ale) has already been consumed, it did have its flaws. It had the good malty flavors with the hops coming in at the end, which I like, but it also had a hint of bitterness. Almost tannin like. I had a few newb issues and I am assuming it was due to this. But the end result was I MADE BEER! i drank every last drop (with the help of curious friends, of course) and just wanted to say to the rest of my fellow newbs, PATIENCE is key!! Use all of the knowledge from the many people on this board, and always be proud that you made beer! no matter if its not “perfect”! So thank you all and I look forward to the learning process and I feel confident knowing if I do hit a snag, I have a cornucopia of knowledge here on this forum.
I just bottled my second batch (caribou slobber) and it looked and smelled amazing. Cant wait until its conditioned and I can see how much I have improved my technique.


Right on!

Keep in mind that tannins and bitterness are different things. Tannins produce a dry, puckering mouthfeel, not bitterness per se.

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