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Mangrove Jack yeast?

been kicking around the net and found some dry yeast I never heard of called mangrove jack. Anyone try their yeast? They have a Belgian and bo lager yeast among others. Sure would be nice to find some good dry yeast for emergencies.

Wasn’t there just a thread about this?

Wasn’t there just a thread about this?[/quote]

Sure was:


I just finished a Bavarian Helles 22 gallon batch with this yeast. It finished at 1.019 which I felt was quite high for the style but it is at 5%. The yeast took forever to get started and I used 8 packages of it which was quite costly. I saved the yeast in a couple gallon ziploc bags and I will try it in a Vienna lager in a couple weeks. I’m brewing a 22 gallon batch of Founder’s Breakfast Stout this weekend.

well that doesn’t sound promising. guess I’ll stick with 34/70 or 830.

I couldn’t get any of their yeasts to attenuate properly. It was annoying so I quit using them.

[quote=“Beersk”]I couldn’t get any of their yeasts to attenuate properly. It was annoying so I quit using them.[/quote]Agreed. Where’s my “like” button?

I brewed a rye bitter (3 gallons) two weeks ago with the M-07. It went from 1.040 to 1.008 in a week. That’s 80% attenuation and pretty good if you ask me.

yo beersk good to hear from you. So all their yeasts are less than stellar, guess I’ll have to stick with the same ole standbys.

Well, it seems to be different to other people. Some people have the same experience I was having. And some are getting them to attenuate, like Rookie LA above. I just don’t get it, but oh well. The lowest I got beers to attenuate were oktoberfest and schwarzbier with the Boh Lager yeast. They finished at 1.014. But I also didn’t care for the yeast character of that yeast either.

I’ve since started using liquid yeast anyway. Good to hear from you too, man!

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