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Mango Pepper

I have a friend leaving the country (maybe for good) and he wants to make a going away beer with me. He is obsessed with hot peppers and loves pepper on mango. I enjoy a pepper beer if it hits you at the finish and doesn’t linger too long.
For the pepper I’m having my friend get some Absolut Peppar vodka and steep his peppers of choice in it for a month, shaking/turning the jar when he remembers. Making a tincture like this has worked or me in the past. At bottling time we were going to dose one beer with an eyedropper to determine the right amount per bottle.
For the mango I was planning on buying frozen mango chunks from Trader Joes and dump 3 lbs into the secondary.

Here’s the grain bill: 5.6 ABV
3lb Maris Otter
4lb Golden Promise
1lb Wheat DME (to speed up the day a bit)
1lb Honey Malt (sweet to balance the pepper)
4oz Midnight Wheat (for color)

Hop schedule is: 24 IBU
.25oz El Dorado - First Wort
.75oz El Dorado - Whirlpool 165F
1oz Citra - Whirlpool 165F
1 oz Equinox - Whirlpool 165F

We’ll use a Kviek strain (maybe Voss) because my temperature controlled area is full atm.

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I see a busy grain bill… Wouldn’t you want to keep it a bit more simple? The Mango and Peppers should be the star of the brew…
I trust your friend is going because of their will/desire? Perhaps NY is too busy? Any ways… I’ll bet you’ll make a great brew to send them on their voyage… Perhaps, wanting to return for a few more brews? :sunglasses: Sneezles61

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:slight_smile: That’s indeed not busy by NY standards.

Edit: with the exception of the midnight wheat (which is amazing for bitterless color) this is sorta a standard NEIPA base but without flaked anything and with a lot less hops. A bit of Wheat and Golden Promise go really well together

-I did take out the Maris Otter and went with just 7lbs Golden Promise, and the wheat and specialty grains.
-I used Omega’s Hybrid Saisonstein yeast instead. It took off, very strong, at 73F
-The tincture of Serrano peppers and lime is incredible in itself so I made a second batch because I started using it on other things. I dosed a glass of session IPA with one eyedropper full of the tincture and it was just about perfect. It is a little forward and I was hoping for more of a finishing note like I have experienced with Westbrook’s Mexican Cake but I might not have enough of a maltiness to pull that off.
-At 2 weeks I racked onto 5 x 15oz cans of diced Mangos in light syrup. It was the lazy way, but they are pasteurized and chopped and guaranteed ripe when I wanted them. Activity immediately renewed. We shall see how the Big Mouth Bubbler Depth Charge handles the load. I am a little concerned that the fine mesh will restrict activity and contact.

Well, I’ll be curious what you taste when its done… Sneezles61

have you tried a pepper beer @sneezles61?

There is a brewer up north that does one called Wildfire… I wasn’t much of a fan… Singed my tongue, and didn’t stop for an hour or so… Sneezles61

Yeah that’s not the goal. Haha.

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Back in the late 80’s there was a commercial offering with a pepper in the bottle… just a hint of spicy-ness… Sneezles61

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