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Maltodextrin Addition at Bottling?

So far I’ve brewed 6 batches and have found one thing prevalent with all of them and that is that they don’t have a great mouthfeel.

Sure some batches that’s great but some of them would be better with a more marshmallowey feel.

I’ve got 2 batches that are ready to be bottled right now and I feel both of them would need a little help in the field of mouthfeel.

Problem with these batches is that I didn’t do anything to them during the boil to help the mouthfeel and only recently learned about maltodextrin (and other dextrins to help mouthfeel). Can I add the maltodextrin with the priming sugars in the bottling bucket? I mean it’s a non-fermentable so I don’t see it blowing any bottles. Or is there some chemical change from the boil that I am missing?

Also if so, how much? I know 8 oz per 5 gal but if it is this late in the game does that change something? Also one of the beers is an Amber that could use only a little extra mouthyness so maybe 4 oz instead of 8?

Any help is appreciated.

Sammy, you are right on. If you only want to add a slight mouthfeel, use 4 oz. If a little more, 8 oz is fine. Go ahead and add along with your priming sugar. It’s perfectly safe to do and I have done the same before, only I used lactose but maltodextrin should behave almost exactly the same. Go for it.

Awesome. +1 to you good sir.

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