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Malta for my grandson

Here it is my grandson wants to drink with the big boys. At home he. Drinks malta. A non alc beer. Basically. Its wort. Any one made this before. So me thinking. Some. Pilsner malt. Some crystal or caramel. Choc malt. Hops. 0.5 oz. Hallertau or saaz. At 30 min. At 15 min. Some candy sugar. No. Kegging. Gonna fill about 15 bottles. No need for carbonation. Batch about 2 gallon. Got bunch of small amount of grains left. Guess me no brewing. Not enough. Base malt. But enough to make this malta stuff. Did call the BREWERY if i can buy 50 lbs 2 row malt. Me did order. 50 lbs. Pilsner 50 lbs marisotter. And 5 lbs choc malt. If the BREWERY do not respond. Will order 50 lbs. 2 row malt. But only issue. Everything. Will be next year on island

I’ve had Malta and as a kid we had near-beer. Malta is thick malt like molasses and near-beer was more like a lager. If you take some wort from your next batch and bottle it while it’s still pasteurized you could make either depending on what your are making. The maybe you could pour a non-alc black and tan.

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Will try

Whatever happened to the brewery you were working at? Didn’t you used to get grain from them?

Still get grains from them once a while. Did stop brewing for them. The tax people where after me. Did get paid under the table. Now if i do it official. I get into a high tax bracket. Because got a other job as wel. Means i pay. 55% tax on 2 pay checks to much tax. To less income on the end

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