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Malt dust

Hey Guys;

I am getting tired hauling my grinder up and down stairs. It is very heavy. I have heard it’s a bad idea to grind your grain in the same area that you mash and brew. Does anyone know if this is true? I usually grind upstairs and mash/brew downstairs. I would really like to do it all in the basement. :?

It’s fine to mill where you mash and brew, but not where you ferment/bottle/keg - you don’t want the grain dust getting into the beer post-boil and infecting it with lacto and other bugs.

Grain dust can carry lactic bacteria or other microbes and the fact that its so fine means it can float around easily. Still, if you limit the dust to the exten you can, and clean up periodically, and observe good sanitation practices during brewing, I think you won’t see a big jump in contamination events.

Maybe condition your malt before crushing too, a light misting of the malt prior to grinding will cut down on dust and improve the intactness of the husks.

Thanks guys. I guess I’ll just keep hauling the thing upstairs. It’s not really worth the risk for a 30 second climb. Much obliged for reinforcing what I already knew. :cheers:

You could put it on casters and store in elsewhere…

Why not grind outside the basement? That’s gotta be pretty messy.

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