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Malolactic bacteria types

My question is does anyone have any recommendations for MLF culture to be used on a pail of cabernet sauvignon wine juice.

I am looking for personal opinions of types you liked.

I do not mean to be “unkind” but please do not link me to some website such as scotts labs,etc or other reads on MLF.

I am asking what type or types specifically that you had good results with.
Thank You,
winebuff :smiley:

It’s been a long time since I’ve done MLF on a wine, but if I remember correctly every MLF that I could get to take off came out well, regardless of the strain used. The hard part was getting it to go. Keeping the sulfite levels extremely low, using ML nutrient and making sure I used a strain of yeast that was compatible with MLF wasn’t enough to ensure good results. I suspect that some of the grapes or juice I got had been pre-dosed with borderline high levels of sulfites, and that was the problem. I had originally thought that I’d gotten bad cultures, but there was one batch of juice that I tried to inoculate twice (once with Wyeast culture, and once with a White Labs culture) and it never got going. Thus the suspicion that the juice was responsible.

Sorry I’m not answering your question here, but based on my limited experience, I’m not sure there is a great answer except that they should all work fine if the base wine is compatible.

I appreciate your words of advice.
Wine buff

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