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Makings of a stout?

I am going to do an 11 gallon batch and split it into two beers, stout and black ipa. I am going to basically split it off before I start my 15 min hop addition for the ipa. Wondering if this recipe would be ok for a stout. This quantity is just for a 5 gal batch:

– 11 lbs. Malteurop 2-row
–.75 lbs. Belgian Caramunich
–.5 lbs. Belgian Caravienne
–.5 lbs. Weyermann Carafa III
–.12 lbs. English Chocolate Malt

the stout is going to have tart cherries in the secondary

I’m sure you’ve checked the SRM and it is black but I’m a bit dubious that’d taste like a stout without some black malt. I don’t think you’ll get that same roasty, acrid (in a good way) character from carafa (though you will get the color). Guess I have a hard time coming up with a way to make a what I’d consider a black IPA out of the same malt bill as a stout. Not saying you couldn’t make a great hoppy stout out of the same malt bill as a more traditional stout, just that I don’t think their malt bills would be compatible enough to get them out the same mash.

thats kind of what I was thinking. I dont make many stouts so I dont know much about the grain bills for them. I was thinking I could maybe steep some black or roasted malt and add that to the stout portion.

If you want a good Stout try this recipe.

6 gallon recipe
SG 1.060
IBUs 37

10 lbs Maris otter
1 lb Crystal 55l
8 oz Roasted barley
9 oz Flaked barley
13 oz Chocolate malt Great Britain
For more smoothness add 8 oz of flaked oats cooked in the oven at 300 deg for 1 hr turn every 15 min.

.55 oz Nugget 60 min
.75 oz Fuggle 30 min

1028 or 1318 yeast.

Can’t say I’ve ever tried it but that might work. :idea: While you run off into the stout boil kettle have some black malt (in a bag of some sort) in there, let it steep for a bit and then continue.

I’m skeptical. If you try to walk the line in between the two styles I think both beers will suffer. The Stout won’t have enough roast flavors and the Black IPA will have too many. .75 Chocolate is too much for a Black IPA but by itself not nearly enough for the stout. Just suck it up, take the extra time and brew two batches. That’s your best bet IMO.

You can make a stout by calling any beer ‘Stout’.
But when most of us think of Stout, the roasted barley character is the first thing you think of.

The above recipe is NBs Lakefront IBA recipe from the pro series. I bought two of those kits. I brew 10 gallon batches but dont want 10 gallons of stout, i only want 5. So i went and got 1 lb chocolate malt and 1 lb black patent for the stout portion. Anyone care to suggest How much of each of those plus the above grain bill would make a decent stout? i plan to steep those grains separately and add to the run off.

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