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Making your own brown malt

Has anyone done it? I am thinking of giving it a try. I really want to make a brown porter. But I was thinking of making my own brown malt. Any good links or help in this area would be much appreciated.

http://homebrewingadventures.blogspot.c ... -malt.html

The attachment was interesting. I guess the first thing I’d think about is the quantity, how much brown malt does my recipe call for? You’d probably get a pound spread out on one sheet pan. If it took several batches to roast what you would need it might be time economical to purchase? Other than that, from a culinary standpoint, I agree that smell would help dictate doneness. Taste as well and definitely color.

my local homebrew shop isn’t even really a homebrew shop. They are locally brewing that just hooks up allgrain brewers. They don’t carry any equipment and/or extract.

So VERY limited items. But before they were so kind to help out we didn’t have a place to get anything within 90 miles.

I have most grains, yeast, hops in bulk. Just don’t have any brown malt. And want to make a brown porter. But not going to order just 1lb of grain from NB.

So going to try to make the 1lb that I need.

They totally hooked me up on maris otter 55lb sack though. They rock in helping us out. I have more variety than they do.

But this is all they have.


2-Row Pale
Light Wheat
Bohemian Pilsner
Carafa II
Carafa III
C 20
C 40
C 60
Special B
Munich I
Munich II
Caramunich III
Maris Otter
Honey Malt
Flaked Corn


Summit (18%)
Magnum (14.5%)
Cascade (3.2%)
Galena (13.8%)
Northern Brewer (9.4%)
East Kent Golding (5%)
Willamette (7.5%)
Chinook (13.8%) (Limited Availability) 
Vanguard (4.5%)
Hallertau Mittelfruh (3.8%


1-East Coast Ale
3-Cream Ale
3-German Hefe
1-Sweet Mead
1-German Lager

I’ve made brown malt when I realized the night before brewing that I didn’t have enough for the recipe. It was easy enough to do, it just required pulling the grains out of the oven every few minutes toward the end to make sure they don’t burn.

Since they were combined with store bought brown malt it was hard to tell the impact but it certainly didn’t taste bad.

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