Making Wort

Hi, I am new to beer making. I wanted to know what effect using more water than what was called for in the wort making would do . I am making the Caribou slobber and used more that a little over 3 gallons for the procedure. I have it in the carboy in the first fermination process. It is bubbling and doing what it should be. Will the additional water I used in the wort making have any effect in the beer and if so what would that be? Thanks. 8)

What size kit is it and what is the final volume of wort?

I’m confused. Did you top off to 3 gallons or 5? Whichever, a little more water will result in a lower gravity. But depending on the amount you went over, the result could be barely noticeable. Drink your beer, don’t play lawyer ball with it.

It is a 5 gallon kit and wort.

The idea is that if you are doing a partial boil you should top off the fermenter to the 5 gallon mark and pitch the yeast, RDWHAHB. If you think you added a little more than enough water I wouldn’t sweat it, RDWHAHB.

The more you can boil, the better.

With that said, if you can’t boil 6 gallons at a time (boil off down to 5) you should add only a portion of the extract. This will limit the chance of caramelizing or scorching the sugars due to a concentrated solution.

Also, hop utilization may be a little better. Don’t sweat this though.

Like Norman said, the idea is to END with 5 gallons into the fermenter.