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Making the jump

So i’ve got a few batches under my belt, with 3 small batch biab’s as my intro to all grain. I’ve decided to jump to larger batches outdoors.

I have an aluminum kettle that was last used to boil seafood, and I’ve run a few test boils of plain water to test for any leftover flavors.
None detected so far. I was also shocked when I measured the kettle and realized it is 20 gallons!!! I assumed all along it was 12!!

This definitely leaves lots of headroom for 10 gallon biab batches. With having the aluminum strainer on a pulley, that should
ease the bag strain for those higher gravity batches.

Sorry for the possibly needless post, but I guess I’m excited over my perceived gain of 8 gallons!! :cheers:

Also if anyone is looking for a biab bag and don’t have the stitching skills to make one, mbwilser , on ebay will alter his bags to your kettle dimensions.
He also shipped around 12 hours after payment, with a custom stitched bag.

I would just use 5-gal paint-strainer bags for a 10-gal batch and skip the pulley.

Do you let your grain bag “drain out” in a separate container?

Being around 5’6", holding a bag that heavy above head height for 10-20 min will be a PITA!
Actually I could set the strainer basket diagonal in the pot with the bag in it to drain…that’s how I drain crawfish after a boil.

Each bag holds five lbs of grain and about five lbs of wort, so holding them above the kettle for a minute each to allow the majority of the wort to drain isn’t a strain. Then I clamp the bag to the side of the kettle so it can drain, or if more than one or two bags I’ll drain hang them on a bucket to drain for a while.

I used to mash in the bag and lift it and squeeze it. It is not a good way to extract your wort heavy lifting aside. It smashes the whole grain bed and transfers a lot of unnecessary garbage into your wort. Much better to use no bag mash in stainless steel stock pot then siphon off using a copper tube attached to a braided stainless steel flex hose. Siphon, sparge, siphon, sparge, siphon sparge works best. No disturbing the grain bed no lifting and a major improvement in filtering.

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