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Making the best of a bad brew session

You should have done more research and had some DME on hand…

Seriously though, those each sound like good ideas to me. I’d lay off the oak though.

Well, you could always package it up in 2L portions and freeze it in Ziplock bags, and have a couple years’ worth of starter wort.

I would say give the beer a taste when it’s done and let that be your guide. If it tastes ok, then drink it. If its not something you would drink, I’d dump it rather than try to salvage it. Chalk it up to lessons learned and try again. The good thing is that there was minimal investment (other than your time).

Session beer!

Hindsight being 20/20 or in this case 1.024 I would have opted to freeze it and either use it for starters or add it to some future wort. But since those options are off the table I would brew a higher gravity beer and blend it as long as the flavor is OK. Or just pour it into Budweiser bottles and nobody will notice as long as you can deal with the shame of serving Bud.

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