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Making fermentation chiller question

I’m a newbie - brewed my first a few days ago and it’s now fermenting. I just discovered that I’m going to want to start trying to keep my fermenters in a temp range. I found this on Craigslist and wanted opinions on if you think this will work. The dimensions tell me it would hold one carboy - just pull the shelves out. The seller of this item says it doesn’t get very cold. I only need it to cool down no more than 10 degrees during the summer.

Opinions please.

Thanks much,

It might work but in the long term you’d be better off getting a chest freezer and a temp controller, that’s what most home brewers use. If you’re not familiar with temp controllers here is an example … oller.html
It allows you to hold a consistent temp at whatever temp you want. In the time being look into swamp coolers which are a bit of maintenance but effective

Assuming the carboy actually fit (did you add a few inches to the height for an airlock?) that could be awesome. …but really just a novelty. You would end up having to shade the door to keep light out…

I would still be concerned about the “doesn’t get very cold” bit. Not being able to chill cokes is bad enough, but soda’s don’t actually PRODUCE heat like the yeast in a fermenter.

And even if the refrigerant were perfect, you would probably still need an external controller.

if you’re on craig’s list, are there any chest freezers in your neighborhood? in my limited shopping experience, I see 5.1 cu ft, will hold 1 fermenter; possibly 2 depending on the internal geometry. 7.1’s usually hold 2 comfortably, with room for a blow-off bucket.

Thanks much. Yea, I guess I was dreaming about saving a few bucks. I’m just going to end up getting something like this new from Lowe’s - it’s like $180 - then get a temp controller hooked up to it some how. I think if I’m going to brew beer for any length of time, I may as well at least get this for one carboy.

I have a beverage air fridge, they are tanks. My guess is either the owner hasn’t adjusted the thermostat, or the coils are clogged with dust. Get it, I bet you can make it work for you.

ps- when the compressor kicks on, it’s LOUD.

Why do you need a temp controller for the little fridge?

The thermostat in the small fridge just isn’t accurate enough. I can plug the fridge into the controller and it takes over. Then I can set the temp to be exactly 62 degrees (or whatever) and let it go. If I want to raise the temp a few days later for the yeast I can easily do that as well.


Good luck with your project. Controlling ferm temps is nice peace of mind. For years I used an Igloo ice cube cooler. A 6 gal carboy drops right into them. I would use blue ice packs…2 or 3 to keep fermentation temps down. It worked awesome. You can almost dial in temps this way…as long as your pitch temp is pretty close to your desired ferm temp. I’d pitch at about 64-66, and when fermentation starts I’d drop in the ice packs and it would keep ferm around 66-68. Take out the blue packs towards the end of ferm to raise the temp up a bit to 68-70. Note that an airlock won’t fit inside these coolers. I found I didn’t need one and just put a sandwich baggy around the carboy lip and closed the cooler lid. For those who can’t live without an airlock, I’ve seen people cut a hole to allow them. You could also use the sandwich Baggie with a rubberband to make it airtight and just make a few pinholes for CO 2 to escape.

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