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Making an All-Grain Cooler... Big Box or Tall Round?

[quote=“Denny”][quote=“Loopie Beer”]

Yes blue coolers are known for their increased efficiency.[/quote]

Exactly. You get 135% efficiency with blue coolers. That means that after about 10 brews, a bag of grain magically appears in your garage. :wink: [/quote]
Hey that’s the way I explain to SWMBO how those grain bags keep arriving! Keep that a secret!

[quote=“Wahoo”][quote=“Shadetree”][quote=“mattnaik”]Though I would caution going too big could result in more dead space.[/quote]A properly constructed MT with a pickup tube and stainless braid won’t have any deadspace to worry about.[/quote]Depends on the design of the cooler. I bought an Igloo “cube” cooler that had well over a gallon of deadspace due to the location of the outlet. I used it as an MT 2 or 3 times and then bailed on it.[/quote]Note that I specified a “pickup tube” - you create a siphon and use a small wedge or two to angle the drainage towards the pickup inlet, and voila, no dead space, works regardless of the shape of the cooler or the location of the drain valve. But if you just rely on the drain itself then yes, dead space can be an issue.

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