Making a Mash Tun

Hey guys! I have a quick question about making a mash tun. I have a 5-gal drinking cooler and was wondering if that will be big enough to make a mash/lauter tun. :cheers:

A quick Google search shows you can do it for up to 5 gallon batches of reasonable gravity. I have a 40 quart cooler and am pretty happy with it.

Thanks for the reply Johnny. I’ve found answers all over the board so far. Some say they can only fit 10lbs of grain, some say 12+. I may have answered my own question haha. I think I may exchange the cooler (a gift) for a larger rectangular one. :cheers:

I think going for a bigger cooler is a wise choice.

for 5 gallon batches a 48-52 qt cooler is pretty flexible for different gravity recipes.

I recommend something like this. Has served me well for 18 years and 484 batches.

You cant go wrong checking out Worked great for me

Thanks guys. I’m going to go back to Lowe’s to exchange this 5 gallon tomorrow, get the braid, etc. I’m stoked to get started! :cheers:

I just got into brewing beginning of this year. I made 3 extract kits and got kinda bored with it. Built a mash tun and went all grain and an much more satisfied with brewing. More made from scratch. I think you’ll really enjoy the whole process. Good luck with your first all grain brew.

I’m pretty excited. I have the tun built. Now I need to get a new boil kettle. Will an 8 gallon kettle be large enough, or should I also go bigger? I don’t plan on going over 5 gallon batches.

If you don’t get at least a 10 gallon kettle, your future self will be pretty miffed with your current self. With an 8-gallon kettle, you’ll be in boilover territory for just about every 5-gallon batch.

Every time I use my 7.5 gallon turkey fryer, I wish I had a 10 gallon. With fermcap and a spray bottle, you might be okay, but 10 gallons would make life so much easier.

I agree. I have an 8 gallon and it works just fine. But every time I brew I say to myself that it would be so much easier if I had a 10 gallon kettle.

I agree 100%

I also suggest avoiding tall narrow pots in favor of wider pots. Tall narrow pots tend to act like rocket launchers for wort imo. Especially those 8 gallon turkey pots.

Thanks for all the helpful replies!

Now, to decide what to brew (after my kettle gets here!) :cheers: