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Major mishap

I’m brewing a dark saison and just mashed in realizing that I added 2 lbs of melanoidin instead of Munich to the mash (and no, I’m not drinking yet). This accounts for over 9% of the total malt bill. The majority of the rest being pils with some wheat thrown in. I realize this is going to seriously impact this beer. I was planning on fermenting with WY 3711 and hopping very moderately. Should I just abandon this beer as a saison and go for something else at this point. I have plenty of S-05 yeast and hops lying around. Should I try to turn this into a hopped up brown ale instead. I have about an hour to decide. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

Go for it ! Hope this helps.

I know I am late, but what did you decide to do?

You could have doubled up the batch to only have 1 lbs of melanoidin in each 5 gal batch.

2lbs of Melanoidin seems to be a lot to have on hand anyways, did your LHBS screw up, or do you use a couple ounces in every batch?

Definitely remember to report back when you taste this one.


It was a 10 gallon batch to begin with. I never use more than 1/4 - 1/2 lb for 10 gallons. I pitched the saison yeast to half and s-05 to the other half. we’ll have to wait and see. will report back once I taste it.

Just wanted to report back about this one. I tasted it last night and it tastes great. Huge malt nose but taste is very smooth. The saison yeast throws some fruit and pepper into the mix. It finishes a little sweeter and has more body than the typical saison. More like a dubbel. I am very excited about this one. The melanoidin definitely did not kill it. By all means not what I had originally intended but turned out really really good.

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