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Maintaining Fermentation Temperature

Howdy all,
I am a new guy to brewing and I’m preparing for my first brew day. My problem is that the area where I will have my brew for the primary fermentation is hovering at about 63 to 64 deg. F. That is during the day so it will probably get colder at night. So, my question is, how can I raise the temp in the closet where I plan to do this. I know there are ways to alter your freezer to keep the temp down, but how can I raise the temp to the desired temp without getting it too hot?
Thanks for your help.

Can’t wait to crack open my first beer.


Temp controller and fermentation heater wrap.


I knew you could cool it off but wasn’t sure how to warm it up.

Thanks again,

Don’t forget that the fermentation will produce its own heat as well. A room temp of 63 will be a fermentation temp of 65-67. Depending on what you are brewing this maybe a perfect temp to ferment and condition at. Cheers :cheers:

I am not so sure you need temp control because you can ferment many beers at 63F. For example, the very popular US-05 has an optimal range of 59 to 75. Nottingham is also popular and has an optimal temp range of 57 to 70. And there are many, many more yeast strains that are happy at 63.

You mention that is might be colder in the closet at night. You don’t want any big swings in temperature, but the solution might be as simple as leaving the closet door open at night, or putting a blanket over the fermenter.

Thanks for the additional information.
I was not aware that the fermentation causes the temp to rise…
The extract kit I have has a packet of Nottingham yeast. But the recipe calls for a fermentation temperature of 64-72f. Also your saying that it is o.k. to go below that 64f? I just worry that if the temp drops to much I am going to lose the yeast and spoil my first brew. :cry:

Since where I live in Southern Cal gets so hot in the summer I know I will have to use a temperature controller with a freezer when the weather warms up. I am lucky that I have a small chest freezer we don’t really use. So, I am going to need a temperature controller sooner or later. I’m just thinking out loud here. I think the heater wrap might be good inurance.

But, if I do’t have to worry too much about the temp dropping I might not need the heater.

Decisions, decisions.


I don’t see a Wrap Heater here at Northern Brewer. If it comes to getting the heater can anyone recommend a site? I see some on line but know nothing of the business selling them.


A “temperature control” search of the site gets you to the controllers and a wrap heater. … re+control

Honestly, you will be fine fermenting in the low 60s. Wrapping the fermenter in a blanket would be worthwhile to insulate from nightime temp drop.

Another option – Since you know you want temp control for your freezer this summer, you could buy the controller now and hook it to a desktop lamp (with an incandescent bulb) placed in the closet. Assuming the closet is not very big, a 60W incandescent bulb would most likely warm the closet to 64.

also aqaurium heater in a bucket of water will work, learned that one from btv

Thanks guys,

Two great ideas. By the way, is there a big difference between the controllers sold here? Other than one is digital and $20.00 more.


The analog controller will not run a heater. It’s cool only.

See my signature line for a less expensive controller option.

A regular heating blanket should work fine also.

I see your temps as idea and would not worry about it.


I use an aquarium heater to keep things warm in the cooler months and add frozen water bottles to keep things cool in the warmer months. The entire setup runs less than $30, depending on the heater. I should mention that if you decide to go this route, be sure that your aquarium heater can be manually set in the lower 60’s. I found that many heaters do not go below 70*. Some are automatic and cannot be set manually. I found mine on eBay for ~$15.

[quote=“Nighthawk”]The analog controller will not run a heater. It’s cool only.

See my signature line for a less expensive controller option.

A regular heating blanket should work fine also.

I see your temps as idea and would not worry about it.[/quote]
I agree. I think your temps are perfect. It’s going to take awhile to get 5 gallons of beer to change temperature. Being from CA I would definitely look into temp controlling, though. I live in TX and use the analog controller on my freezer.


Thanks a lot, I apprciate everyones help.

There is so much to learn just from reading everyone else’
s questions on the forum.


Well, I did it.

I ordered the Temp control from Northern Brewer and hooked it up to a 60 W bulb in my freezer chest, (freezer unplugged.)

Sunday I brewed my first batch and it is bubbling away in the garage. Temp maintaining between 65 and 68f.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their thoughts and suggestions.


P.S. Next decision to make…To secondary or not to secondary. That is the question.

I guess I never reported on my results. I am happy to announce that my beer was a great success and it tastes great. I am not kidding when I say it is one of the best beers I have ever tasted.

Now on to Caribou Slobber.

Thanks again,

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