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Maine beer trail

Vacation has finally started we got our passes and heading out to on the Maine beer trail to sample as many maine beers as we can


Wow, sounds like great fun! Hope you have cool weather, as most of the lower 48 isn’t. Maine Beer co would be a must see, and Bar Harbor, well, just because it’s awesome there.
I had their Blueberry ale back in 1995 when they were very small, did a tour, tiny back then. Now?

Looks like a blast! Went to Maine on our Harley a few years back and found it beautiful!

Does look like a blast. Have fun!

Im back from vacation the beer trail was realy great. I might of over indulged abit i only made it to number 15 on the list. Put a good dent in it though. Though it all i was amazed by how two years ago when i was in Maine. The section of beers had changed and styles Neipa and Ips’s were every where thier still popular But the Sour’s have exploded and have became so popular that every where you looked there was flanders gose gruit lambrics and sour farmhouses and fruit sours everywhere.

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I’m the food writer for the Portland Press Herald in Portland Maine, and I’m writing a story about beer tourism in Maine and the Maine Beer Trail. I’d love to talk with you about your experience with the trail. Could I call you sometime Thursday or Friday?

Meredith Goad
Food writer
Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram
295 Gannett Drive
South Portland, ME
(207) 791-6332
Cell: (207) 620-2228
Twitter: MeredithGoad

I hope you have fun! Outside of Portland, I didn’t find the beer trail to be super exciting. Most places we went were just brew pubs, so it was odd (no tours, no tastings). A few places aren’t tourable, which was weird. One place was a “brewery” set in someone’s barn, they definitely didn’t want you showing up.

Bar harbor is very kitschy, so if you mind things like that, I’d stay away.

I thought the tour was great everywhere i went there was that new England welcome that no other place on earth has like maine. Maine is worth the visit even if your not going there for the breweries. I highly recommend Maine brewing co. Didnt have one beer there that i didnt like.

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I think my favorite tasting room is shipyard, and I really liked rising tide a ton.

The Camden area was not great for the brew trail. Like I said, once we got closer to Portland, the experience was muuuuch better. I’m a born and raised New Englander, so maybe I’m spoiled

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