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I have a maibock in my fermentor since Sat. I came home from work today and the temp was 60F! I moved it to a hopefully cooler spot. I am useing wyeast 2487. Do you think its ok?

Hope so . . . because I have the same problem going. Got a lager in the basement that hit upper 50’s today. This damn 70 degree weather in Iowa is causing problems with my lagering:)

Yeah, same thing here in Indiana. worst case what will happen?

I have had some ferment higher than I wanted (mid 50’s) and they were perfectly fine - could not tell the difference compared to others that fermented high 40’s. High 50’s/low 60’s??? Not so sure. Hopefully, still ok. I have my window open in my brew room to get the room back down to high 40’s tonight. I am just going to open windows at night, and seal it up during the day. I would try to find a way to keep it down if possible (ice bath) - if you have no other way to cool it down.

I have a 14.5 conical so an ice bath wont work. I have an old furnace fan running on it now. 58F and holding. Forecast calls for mid to high 70s for the next 7 days, might even have a day in the 80s. Probably screwed. I guess I will know in about 6 weeks. Time to ale.

I have a Kolsch going in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and my basement is way warmer than I was expecting. It’s definitely at the high end of the range and five days later it’s still going strong. I think I’ll be able to use ice and a cooler to lager it for a month or so.

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