Maibock brew

Enjoyed the back and forth during our group doppelbock brew. Any one doing a maibock ? Just finished mine today. 64% Pilsner 24% Munich 8% wheat 4% caramalt. Magnum and mittlefruh 35 IBU,6 SRM, .068 OG

Yep…brewed February 12th. 9.5 lbs pilsner and 4.5lbs Munich light. Perle, Tettnanger, and Hallertau Mittelfrueh for 31 IBU. Yeast was 34/70 slurry. SRM 6. 1.075 OG. 1.018SG when transferred to Secondary2/23/16 for lagering. Tasted great flat, a good sign.

I have been thinking about a Maibock since I had capitals Maibock…'twas very tasty.

I just fried my keg… I feel I got very close to what Summit makes… I did all my hops with challenger… Has a sort of spicy back ground flavor. 6 pounds pale malt 6 pounds vienna… 838 lager yeast… Simple Sneezles61

I’ll have an 838 cake to scavenge from in the near future :slight_smile:

We are planning on doing one, but need to brew the helles first. Hopefully we aren’t too late to tap the mai in mai.

I still don’t know the difference between the two. Card to explain?

Maibock can be thought of as a helles brewed to bock strength or as a pale version of a doppelbock.

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OH I see a maibock is a helles bock dressed for a party. That makes sense.

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three gallons: 1.070 (1.014), 30 IBUs, 6.5-7 SRM
7 pounds Bestmaltz pilsner malt
3 pounds Bestmaltz munich malt
1 2/3 ounce tettnanger @ 3,8% for 60 minutes
1/3 ounce tettnanger @ 3,8% for 12 minutes
2 packs S-189
mashed at 150f for 45 minutes

ARGGGGH! Only two bottles left. :frowning:

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Maibock maybe slightly hoppier and a trace more amber (but basically identical per BJCP). I am really looking forward to this one!

Just kegged mine. Now lager till May. Here is my recipe I brewed
8.75 lbs German pale malt
4 lbs German Munich malt
1.25 carastan malt
Bravo for bittering
Mandarina Bavaria for Aroma
Og 1.065
Fg 1.013
Ibu 40

Couldn’t wait.I have another keg lagering for may


That looks awesome!

Brewing mine next weekend…3G batch…6# pils…2# Munich 10…4oz honey malt…liberty and German hallertau.