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Magic Chef 6.9 cu. ft. Freezer - HMCF7W2 Dimensions and *Fit Guide* (Updated)

Took some measurements for anyone curious on this chest freezer. HD has this in my area on sale for $158. Interior measurements listed. Corners are rounded on the inside. Interior height might vary slightly. Measurement was taken from bottom of chest to the underside of the plastic lip that the lid seals against. I found a pretty large listing of chest freezers dimensions and fit guides for kegs, Co2 tanks, buckets, and carboys. The link shows an older version of this chest freezer HMCF7W listed as 7 cu. ft. here → [Chest Freezer Guide][1]. Still working on listing what I found actually fits as far as fermentation gear as I don’t currently have a keg setup.
I have the boxes that my carboys came in so I measured the boxes for width and height of them without airlocks. 3 gal carboy is 9 1/2" W x 16 3/4" H, 5 gal carboy is 11" W x 19 1/2" H, 6 gal carboy is 11" W x 22" H.

The chest freezer will fit a couple different configurations with fermentation gear.
Verified configurations:
2 - 3 gallon carboys
2 - 5 gallon carboys
2 - 6 gallon carboys (With 3 piece airlocks)
1 - 5 gallon and 1 - 6 gallon (With 3 piece airlock on 6 gallon)
Along with the above mentioned configurations 2 - 1 gallon jugs could sit on the compressor hump.

Not confirmed:
3 - 3 gallon carboys, They might fit if you stagger them in a v shape but I have not verified this since I only have one and it is full of cider at the moment.

Image shows 5 and 6 gallon carboys with a small amount of room around each of them.


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Have the exact same freezer. Decided to turn it into a keezer.


This might work but if you decide to keg your beer. You will run out of space. Did you look at comercial fridges. The got bit more space. Me did find a. Cocacola. Fridge. Big enough to hold four beer kegs. Or three carboys. And my other beer suply

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