Madeira Beach Attractions

Planning on a trip to the Madeira Beach Florida area in a couple of months. Any “must see” recommendations in the area for a homebrewer? Already planning on a trip to Cigar City.

Can’t help much other than suggesting looking at Beeradvocate’s guide to Tampa St Pete but have fun. Total Wine stores have a good selection of beer too.

It’s a bit of a drive, but in Dunedin are 7venth Sun Brewing and the Dunedin Brewery (both are conveniently located within walking distance of each other). You can also go to a Blue Jays pre-season game if you are here at that time.

For a beer/non-beer day, go to the Dali Museum in St. Pete, then head to The Ale and The Witch bar for great beer (32+ American craft beer selections) and music on the weekends.


May have to check out those breweries as well, I will be up in that area at some point.
Have you been to the Ale and the Witch? I have heard mixed reviews.

I’m a local, so here are my suggestions, in no specific order

  1. Peg’s in Gulfport (Cycle Brewing Co) Cool restaurant and brewery. Doug Dozark brewing, Peg is his mom :slight_smile: Gulfport is a cool little place to visit and hang for a few beers.

  2. Rapp Brewing in Seminole/Largo. Excellent small operation and tasting room off the beaten path, no food, some rare styles, tell him Dean Palmer sent you over, he’s a good friend and former homebrewer too. Voted best new brewer.

  3. Downtown St Pete has a few places, Ale & Witch is #1 (not sure who would say otherwise) with only American craft beers and local offerings to boot. Live music and food is available from connected businesses in the courtyard. Owner Brett tries to make this a real beer destination.

World of Beer - what you’d expect from the chain, but great staff and some unique items at times including cask ales (rarely).

Empouria (formerly The Independent) beer bar focused on the better offerings, euro theme, nothing really unique but might want to see what they have.

Crums - a bit down 5th Ave N, but lots of taps and you might find a hidden gem. Decent food.

Willard’s Taphouse - Largo, kind of near the beaches and not far from Madeira. Great selection and the owner Blaine is a real beer guy.

Cajun Cafe on the Bayou - Definite stop for southern food lovers, large beer selection, focus on local selections on draft. Great place, great owners, great food, and very close to Madeira Beach.

Dunedin - all within a block of each other (all the guys up there are friends and cooperate to keep the scene fresh and not overlapping)

  1. Seventh Sun - very unique and worth the trip from anywhere. Just a small tasting room, but unique styles. Justin Stange brewing. Can we say awesome ???

  2. Dunedin Brewery - Florida’s original craft brewery. Food, music, cool place. The Bryant family and Trace Caley brewing

  3. Dunedin House of Beer - just beer and the owner Rick really tries to have a great selection.


Oldsmar Taphouse in Oldsmar on your way from Dunedin to Tampa. OK selection, newer owners.

Tampa Bay brewing Co - great beer and food in the Ybor (Yee-Bore) City entertainment district.

Cigar City Brewery (duh)

Palmer Brewing Co (My garage brewery) feel free to give a yell if you are near downtown St Pete. (Palmer Brewing Co on Facebook)

Thanks for the great write up Dean. Definitely gives me a few options.

I was in Tampa about 7 months ago for the night and stopped at Tampa Bay Brewing Company. I had a great porter there and the barleywine was pretty tasty as well, if you eat there the Spicy Thai Mussels made with their hefewiezen are out of this world.

Cold Storage Craft Brewery in Tampa has some great beer.
Everyone there is very friendly and it is not that far from Cigar City.