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Lower efficiency with 50 % Flaked grains?

I brewed a Wit this morning & got 66% eff for a pretty “small” beer.

5 lbs Pils
5 lbs Flaked Wheat
1 lbs Flaked Oats
0.25 lbs Aromatic

Single hop addition at 60, 1 oz, Bittering OP & Coriander at 5 min.

60 min mash at 152 F and 90 min boil. No Whirliflock. “Thick” sample for the refractometer.

First time using this much flaked grain in an attempt to get a cloudy Wit.

Not enough to convert?

Is this normal/realistic or did I drop the ball?

Thanks & Good Luck.

I made a Belgian Wit recently with 50% pils & 50% flaked wheat. I have to check my recipe, but I believe I was right around 75% efficiency. I was also looking for very cloudy white ale. 4lbs of flaked wheat did the trick!

Tastes great by the way :smiley:

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