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Low yield from 1gal small batch kit

My first batch, Caribou Slobber, is in bottles, and I only got a little over 7 bottles worth. My second, Dead Ringer IPA, is in the fermenter and from the looks of things, I’ll get a little less with this one. That tells me for whatever reason, I’m losing more water volume to boil-off than I’m supposed to. I start with 1.25 gal water as directed. I assume it would be bad to add more water after the boil? Or can I do it at the end, if the new water is boiled as well?

I suppose a better way would be to figure out how much volume I need to start with in order to end with 1 gal 45 minutes later. Hmm…any thoughts?

Start with more water or top off after, either way is fine.

I started off with the one gallon kit and I had to adjust to 1.75-2 gallons of water for my boils. All about knowing your equipment. I also suggest that when you rack into the fermentor to transfer just over a gallon of the wort and use a blow off tube. You should get 8-10 bottle every time.

Yeah, I have similar issues with the small batches.

Starting with more water (for me it is about 1.25 gal.) and you should end up with the right amount. Some factors may include the BTU’s on your stove, the diameter and quality of the pot you are using. If you are consistent with using the same techniques and keeping a record, you will figure out the right ration of water per BTU’s per time to end up with just right 1 gal.

Good luck.

I start off with 1.5 gallons for a 45 min boil.

This allows for 1 original gravity reading, 1 final gravity reading and 8 bottles. YMMV.

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