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Low Temperature ale yeast

I am new to brewing and would like to know if I need a to use a different yeast for my brew than is typical. My spare frig has a max temp of about 56 deg.f. My house has an average temp. of 74 deg.f

I have read that fermentation temp. in the fermenter can be up to 10 deg. higher than room temp. any suggestions on what I should do ?

There are a few yeasts that may work down that low but if you want to do ales I’d suggest a temp controller which will regulate your fridge to what ever temperature you want. This one

or this one

would do that.

As already mentioned, you should really get a temperature controller.

For now, you do have a couple of options. I helped my father in law make a very tasty California Common using Wyeast 2112
. Its temperature range is 58-68F.

US-05 will chug away at that temp - pitch a little extra and aerate to help it get up to speed quickly.

I pretty much always run WY1007 in the low 50s. At 56 you could even use a lager yeast.

I agree with both of the above and for lighter (lager-like) ales, I routinely push them down to the lower end of the 50’s - for clean taste and because I may be lagering some lagers at the same time in the chest!


Since you already have the fridge that you are willing to use as a fermentation chamber I’d just suck it up now and buy the temp controller. It will be worth it in the end and most people will argue that temp control/consistency is one of the best things you can do for a beer.

I also use 1007 (german ale) yeast quite a bit and ferment it down in the mid 50’s.

+1 to the temp. controller.

Thanks everyone I think I will go with the wyeast 1007 for now I will let you know how it goes.

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