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Low sediment after primary, problem?

Just getting back to brewing after not brewing for 6 years or so. I just made the honey kolsch from NB which was my first pure extract brew in many years my first brew with added honey ever. I just transferred to secondary and was surprised at how little sediment was on the bottom of the primary. I am used to seeing a solid cake. This time there was a thin slimy layer.

I do usually use specialty grains so i know that pure extract should settle less but just wondering if there is a problem and if I should do anything now to correct it.

Used the wyeast 1010 American wheat it has been in primary for 4 weeks at 66-68 F. Had vigorous fermentation about 10 hours after pitching.

Any help or thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers

Been a while since I brewed an all extract batch, but I think you’re fine. I assume with extract that there’s less trub/stuff on the bottom.

Did it taste and smell ok?

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