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Low risk low-calorie beer

Hello all!

I am new hear and new to home brewing. Earlier this week I ordered Northern Brewer’s Deluxe homebrew kit.I’ve been lurking on this forum for most of this week. I don’t really know my ‘taste’ in beer as I mostly drink light/lager beers that are commercially available. I hope to change that.

With that being said - I would like to try to create something with low screw-up risk. Nothing crazy here. I should also mention that I am attracted to (relatively speaking) low-calorie beverages. Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t have to be like 100 cal or anything just not 400 lol.

If anybody has any recomendations or links to kits to buy, etc, I would be grateful. I should also mention that I’m not all that familiar yet with the jargon, although I am reading what I can.

Thanks in advance - I look forward to home brewing:)


I would recommend NB’s Patersbier kit. It’s a Belgian beer, but very lite and crisp. It’s a simple recipe and even though it’s a Belgian, many BMC drinkers love it due to it being a very light, clean, yellowish-golden ale. I made my own version 2x based on NB’s recipe and mine came in at about 180 calories. You could make it even lighter by cutting down on the pils malt and lowering the SG even more. Which with this style of beer I would think would be fine. Or if using extract, you could cut the extract back a little. You could brew this beer and cut the SG back into the 1.040 range and still come out with a very good beer.

Thanks much, I will start here. Much appreciated.

I’d also suggest a cream ale, nice summer beer and seems to fit your parameters.

[quote=“Flip”]I’d also suggest a cream ale, nice summer beer and seems to fit your parameters.


Fantastic. I will check this out now. Thank you

Actaully a number of styles would work for you. If you just go through any of the kit sellers out there you can just shop for anything in the FG-1.035 or so up to say 1.050 or so. There are a number of names for these types of beers, session or lawnmower beers being common. If you search this form for either you will get a plethora of ideas.


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