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Low Pressure Propane in a High Pressure Burner?

I’m upgrading my brewstand by adding a second burner for heating mash and sparge water. For this, I re-purposed the burner from a cheap turkey fryer kit (from which I also got the pot I’ll use for water). I was not really thinking about pressure when I bought it but I’m fairly sure it’s a high-pressure burner.

The burner I already had on my stand (for the boil kettle) came off an old Camp Chef cooker and I’m fairly sure it’s a low-pressure burner. I had hoped to build a manifold that would connect both burners to a single propane tank. I was planning to use the old Camp Chef regulator (i.e. the low-pressure regulator).

I anticipate losing some power from the new high-pressure burner with this rig. But I’m wondering about safety. Does running low-pressure liquid propane to a high-pressure burner pose any risk?



I could be mistaken but I thought all propane burners were high pressure. All natural gas burners are low pressure.

But once again I could be wrong.

I think you’re partially right. As I understand it, propane burners are either high- or low-pressure. But having said that, all propane burners are higher pressure than natural gas burners.

This project has been frustrating in many ways but, I have to say, I know a heck of a lot more about propane and burners than I did before. Probably just enough to burn down my garage… :shock:

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