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Low OG

Novice brewer.

Full boil 5 gallon batch of Caribou Slobber.
Recipe : OG 1.052, my OG was 1.044.

I’m guessing I didn’t boil off as much as I usually do.
I usually boil off 1.25 gallons in an hour.

Does this go into the category of “don’t sweat it”?

I chilled it and pitched the yeast mainly because I didn’t know what else to do.

Should I have boiled longer? I noticed I ended up with about a pint+ more wort than I was expecting.


I don’t think a pint could cause you to be off 8 points. I wouldn’t sweat it.

It could have been more than a pint.
I just know I took off 5 gallons and there was an inch or so of wort remaining over the hop sludge.

I brew outdoors and I was thinking the humidity and ambient temperature might have affected the boil off.

I may have just started with too much water.
I’m guessing it will still be beer.

Humidity and ambient temperature have an effect on boil off, but only a minor one - probably not even noticeable. A change in setting for your heat source will have a much bigger effect. I’ve actually found that some tanks of propane will cause my burner to put out more heat than others. Not sure how that work with a regulator supposedly “regulating” it, but its something I look out for.

Measurement errors (too much water added initially, not enough extract added) are much more likely to be the culprit.

Don’t sweat it though, it will still be beer.

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