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Low Mash Temps & Flavor

Just started doing all grain, my mash temps have been a little on the low side 149-150. I will be correcting this problem in future batches. However, will the beer have a little less flavor at these temps? I’ve had this brown ale in the keg for about two weeks. Does thinner beer because of low mash temps effect the flavor or is my beer just a little young…?

149-150F is not on the “low side” - it’s right where you want to be for a nice balance between fermentable and unfermentable sugars. Flavor, body, attenuation, mouthfeel - these are all attributes achievable with different combinations of grains, mash temps, and yeast and learning which handles to pull to get the desired final product is the challenge.

149 would make it drier than I’d like for a brown. 155 is more where I like it and I use about 10% crystal. I had a thermometer reading 10F high on a brown ale and it ended too thin and dry for me. I added 4oz malto dextrin and 4 oz lactose to that keg. It helped.

Its probably just a little “young” for the beer. 154-155 is where I wanted to be for my mash temp. Just gotta keep working at it! Thanks guys…

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