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Low Gravity

We brewed a Porter the other day (10 gal) it was supposed to have a OG of 1.063. It ended up with an OG of 1.050, still within limits (according to beersmith) but low.
we used…
17 lbs Marris otter
1 lb black patent
1 lb oats (flaked)
1lb crystal 10
1lb crystal 80
1lb choco. malt.

protein rest for 30m @ 130
mash for 40m @ 158.
boiled for 60m.

As far as I can tell everything was good with temps and times. the only thing I can think of was that we sparged too fast @ about 15m. Maybe we left some sugars in the grist? the grist tasted spent, wasn’t sweet, so I don’t know what happened.

Any thoughts on what we might have missed/ done wrong would be awesome!

“Science ain’t an exact science with these clowns”

Usually the answer is you lost some conversion efficiency because the crush was not tight enough. Are you fly sparging or batch sparging? When fly sparging, if you have channeling during the sparge then the runnings will be of low gravity even though there are still sugars available in the grist. How much water was used to strike and to sparge?

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