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Low gravity after boil

My first all grain the OG .032 way off. Can I save this beer

Boil longer. You’ll eventually boil off enough water to hit your target gravity. Or, you could change your target gravity and settle for a lower alcohol/less robust beer.

I assume you’ve already added hops, so if you continue to boil you’ll increase the bittering contribution and decrease the aroma contribution of the hops a bit.

Take lots of notes so you can adjust your technique on your next brew.

For more specific suggestions, tell us about your process and your recipe.

11lbs grain mash temp 152 for one hour in 3.5 gal. Sparged 171 untill till 6.5 gals in pot. Read SG .022. Boiled 60 min did all the additions. Chilled read .032

I was using a digital thermometer and I just checked it and its off by quite a bit . I guess that’s it. I guess water boils at 125deg in China. I’m pissed,the wort tasted pretty good so maybe it will be a low alcohol IPA.

Good reason to keep a lb. or two of DME on hand to add if it looks like your postboil SG will be low.(ie. check SG about 10 minutes before the end of your boil and adjust if needed.)
I assume you either did your SG at 60* or adjusted for temp? SG readings at high temps are quite a bit lower than at the 60* standard.

Yes, I did adjust and waited and prayed but to no avail. I do like your idea of DME. I was thinking of adding sugar or honey but I decided not since I made some changes to the recipe and want to keep it close so I know we’re its at. The ABV will be low but I think the IBU shouldn’t change.

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