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Low final gravities

I am getting some unusually low final gravities.

I just checked my digital thermometer with an older mercury wine thermometer and it appears to be accurate through the 150 degree range. (or at least the two are the same)

Could I just be seeing high attenuation rates?

I’d like a little body in my beers. I got a cream ale that finished at 1.004, APA that finished at 1.008, a pils that finished at 1.004, and Waldo Amber finished at 1.008. Cream ale and APA were 1056, Waldo was Dennys50 and pils was wyeast belgian pils.

Should I add carapils or some other dextrin malt?


Those are low, for sure, but have you calibrated your hydrometer (using distilled water as a base calculation)? With an allgrain set up, low mash temperature, healthy yeast pitch and good temperature control, I routinely get 1.008 FG on light lagers and ales; lower than that, and I would guess a mild bacteria activity (usually perceptible by taste, but not always), though it is possible that the yeast took it that low.

If you like the beer, then great, otherwise a little carapils or other body enhancing grains will add some final gravity points to your beer.


Get your mash temp up a little bit. 152-154 range.

I mashed at 152-153 or so.

I will take a look at the hydrometer issue. Thanks for the replies.


I checked the gravity on my pale ale still around 1.007.

But when I tasted the warm sample I detected a hint of cideriness.

So it may be a bit of an infection.

It still tastes okay. I’ll dry hop it and try to drink it up quick.


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