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Low fermentation temps?

So my first couple batches got pretty warm and I got some hot alcohol tastes. Now (with the assist of an open window and a semi-mild Chicago winter) I have kept my kitchen around 58 ambient to keep my ferm temps around 60-62. Besides the constant earful I get from SWMBO about our arctic kitchen, can fermenting this low (mostly w/ 1056) cause me issues? I’ve started to work the temps up after the first week to the 66-68 range to finish up and let the yeast attenuate a bit more.


60-62 is just fine for that yeast. you’ll get a very clean beer.

Cool, that’s what I thought. Other than a sluggish fermentation are there any irreversible issues that can arise from having yeast at too low of a temperature (<55)…again using 1056? Not that I’m aiming to have this, but sometimes the weather has dropped significantly overnight…etc and it was in the mid fifties. I’m in a small condo, and don’t have a dedicated fermentation chamber yet.?..just a freezing kitchen and a complaining wife!

All mine so far ferment at 58-60 in my basement and they all taste good, it just takes a little longer to ferment.

Nice. Wifey will be thrilled!

Thx for the feedback.

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