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Low Efficiency (No Sparge) -- How to Compensate

Easy enough question, when I have a low efficiency (low to mid 60s), should I just increase the base malt to compensate, or all malts?

Some people just increase the base malt, but I disagree with that approach. I scale everything so the relative percentagaes remain the same.

I do the same as DC

Great, thanks for the responses! If it’s good enough for Denny, it’s good enough for me. Will increase all the malts to compensate!

If you haven’t done so yet, try two things to boost the no-sparge efficiency - crush the grain until it hurts (assuming you’re using a braid, otherwise go as fine as you can), and reserve enough water from the mash to add boiling at the end of the mash and raise the temp to 160-165F for a 10-minute rest.

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