Low attenuation

I brewed my IPA in my new ferm chamber. After a week of fermentation, I’m only at 1.021 with an OG of 1.062. Had it set at 64. It’s been getting cool at night and I woul say it has fermented between 62 and 64. Should I kick the ferm temp up? Swirl the yeast to wake it up? Pitch a vial?

Warm it up and hope for the best.

What type of yeast? Extract batch or all grain? You at about 66% which is the low end of some yeasts depending on the recipe. Also before I had dual stage temp control my freezer would drop the beer a few degrees lower than what I had it set too. Depending on the yeast pushing the lower limits could really slow it down. Either way warming it up is a good idea at this point.

All grain. I’ve brewed the recipe before and wound up around 1.011. It’s an all grain recipe and I used WLP001 with a 2L starter. I built my own two stage ferm chamber with a STC1000. I have the probe attached to my bucket which also has a fermometer. So I think the temp is accurate. I bumped it up to 67degrees and am in my way to get a small heater for the heating element. I have heard swirling I will wake the yeast up. Has anyone done this method?

I always warm up to 70 degrees after fermentation starts to slow. This way the yeast can have a final snack before going to bed.

Yes, actually that’s a great idea. Sometimes it helps. Sometimes it doesn’t. But it certainly won’t hurt to try.

Ok. I put a space heater in the fridge, bumped the temp up to 68 and we shall see. Actually I think I’ll go up to 70. Thanks everyone. Oh and I have it a good swirl.

Beer spent all night at 70 degrees. Airlock is bubbling away. Thanks for the advice everyone.