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Low Ambient Temps and Keezers

I’m planning on getting a chest freezer to hold my bottled beer and eventually turn it into a keezer when I move to kegging.

This will be in my garage, since I don’t have a basement. In the winter, especially one like this past winter, ambient temps get down into the single digits in the garage.

Has anyone ever had a problem with low ambient temps affecting their keezers- (internal keezer temps dropping below freezing)? Has anyone had a need to put an internal heat source coupled with a temp. controller in their keezer?

I have no personal experience, but I do know a few guys in my brew club that hooked up a light bulb and temp controller. The fridge kicks on over a certain temp and the light kicks on below a certain type. Wish I had more info for ya, but it is doable. I’m sure someone else here can chime in.

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