Low aau's hops

I ordered some hops from a company not our host and received them yesterday. There was four varieties of hops all of them but one was as advertised on their site in the aau’s range. Except the hersbrucker they were only 2.8 aau’s. I looked again at their site and says 3 to 5.5% aau’s on the site for hersbrucker hops. Had I know that they would of been that low I would of ordered another type of hops. I know that’s just little below what they have advertised on there site but I’m kinda feeling riped off. Should I contact the company and explain my unhappiness with the one hops I received. I have 8 oz of these hersbrucker hops

I would call them since it’s lower than advertised. They do vary so you will have to add more. Maybe they will make up the difference.

I been looking at other site’s to see what theirs are and a lot of them only say 2 to 3 % and our host says 1.5 to 3.5%

Some hops I’ve bought recently are lower than expected. Saaz at 2.4 and hersbrucker at 2.

For the most part, the AA range advertised for a particular variety is usually taken from an historical average. Just like with many other crops, the growing season determines the final quality of the product and some years the AA will be higher or lower than the average.

I like hersbrucker. The last lb I got from Yakima Valley was 2.0 AA. Where did you order yours from?

^^^^ This.

Part of the job is adjusting your recipes to compensate for the variations you might see in raw materials. In my opinion, Hersbrucker (and in fact all noble hop varieties) are primarily flavor hops, and are something of a waste when used for the bittering charge. Of course there are exceptions. I’ve done SMaSH pilsners with nothing but pils malt an 2.4% AA Saaz hops. Just needed to use a lot of them.

Morebeer. I ordered a Tap-A-Draft unit and one bottle and added some small items to get up to the free shipping.

[quote=“dannyboy58”]I like hersbrucker. The last lb I got from Yakima Valley was 2.0 AA. Where did you order yours from?[/quote] that same place I ordered mine.