Love the smell of the brewing!

Brewing a Brown Porter tonight and just had to say…the smell of the grain as I grind it, and the mash and the boil and the handfuls of hops right before they hit the kettle just never get old!!!

Brew On!!!

Oh yea!

I pity the poor schlubs whose significant others limit brewing because it makes the house smell like hops and stewed barley. --yum.

It’s basically liquid bread. How could it not smell wonderful? Beer brewing should be the next Glade plug-in scent!



My first brew was a porter. I brewed it in the house in January so it was all closed up. My wife, children and I all thought the smell was fantastic! It made us all hungry.

Oh the luck some of you have!..I,m always relegated to the garage or outside :cheers:

A couple of weeks ago, I had the kettle on the stove coming close to a boil when my wife came home with the kids. My five year old daughter takes one step in and says “ah, I love that smell”.

I love it as well but the girls turn their noses up at it. I don’t get it.

I am one of the lucky ones. My wife always liked the smell of boiling wort. Due to size limitations with the newest brewery it is out in the garage so the neighbors can enjoy it too. Whether they like it or not :smiley:

My wife loves the smell of the mash and the boil. She even loves the smell of my beer and she doesn’t even drink. When I go to tastings at breweries she loves to come. She loves the brewery smell and she smells all the beers. She picks things out just from the smell. Her favorite, Belgians of course.

Last year my 7 year old granddaughter came downstairs, with the mail, in the middle of the boil and said, “What’s that smell. I love it.”

I haven’t tested the waters and brewed in the house yet. Plus, I don’t think the wife would like the propane burner in the kitchen :cheers:

Oddly enough when I worked at Hops Bar and Brewery back in the early 2000s I didn’t care for the smell much. Now I can’t get enough, especially when adding the hops. I also have the luxury of my kitchen vent blows out into my enclosed breezeway so as it dissipates in the house I can still walk out there and take a good whiff.