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I can click on the 3 horizontal bars (upper right) then, click on 15 more categories, I can scroll down to the lounge…
Are you moving your business because you want to?
And yes, its been quiet… Since the change, any ways… Hopefully, they are collecting/cooking maple sap… once thats complete, they’ll all be back!..

I guess I’ve been kicked out of the lounge because there are only 14 categories for me and Lounge isn’t one of them.

I changed your trust level, try it now

ok its back. thanks so much

Happy to help one of our frequent flyers that posts lots of helpful and interesting stuff. The recent upgrade here must have mysteriously changed something.

Yes the platform change is odd. Not sure if it was needed it just confused me more than it helps

This is how it shows on my phone

Try it now BC

I really don’t know how I got this separated like this… :confused:

wondered about that :joy:

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