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Lounging around

Quiet around here these days. Maybe what with all that’s going on IRL everyone is distracted. I hope everyone is well. I’m busy trying to move my business.
I was going to post this in the lounge but I cannot seem to find it anymore

I can click on the 3 horizontal bars (upper right) then I can scroll down to the lounge…
Are you moving your business because you want to?
And yes, its been quiet… Since the change, any ways… Hopefully, they are collecting/cooking maple sap… once thats complete, they’ll all be back!..

Has been quiet. Just might be that time of year. The lounge shows for me.

Doppelbock is in DA rest. Otherwise not much cooking. Plenty of beer kegged, but had cut back on social gatherings during Omicron.
My niece from Michigan State and a friend are staying out at our beach place for spring break and that’s kept us busy.

In a recent possible update I was awarded like a dozen new badges in one day. This was maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago. Did this happen one anyone else? It might be when the lounge disappeared for me

It seems like its one thing after the other

Reminds me of….


More stuff to fuel the fire when I die… Make damn sure my carcass burns…
Well, maybe that wasn’t necessary.

Has been really quite around the forum these day. I my self have just been super busy. New studies Biochemistry of Fermented Foods and some other fermentation studies. I got a lot of experimental brew’s going and some im revisiting like Italian Pilsner. I’m also in stages of starting up a brewery of my own that hopefully be open this year or early next year.


Now we’re talking!

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Me had a hard time finding new postings. Must say did like the older page more. Mayby they improve. Bit in the future

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