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Lots of rain

Hope it will be beter weather soon plan tuess day brew session. But at least with the rain my brew nice fermenting. Temp consistent. Nice krausen going on. From last brew session. Carribou slobber

I know you told us before but I forgot. What island are you on?

Bonaire. Of the coast of venazuela

I think there might have been a late season hurricane blowing though there which might have brought more rain.

I’m brewing up my house APA tomorrow. Using Citra, Amarillo, Chinook, and Mandarina Bavaria hops.

Again, did you capture some rain to brew with? Sneezles61


Where u use the mb hops at?

Yeah some left over weather. From some storm.

Actually got hops in yesterday from holland. Pfff. Price wise. Way more than. In the usa. 1 oz cetenial. 3 euro so got. Lots of new hops and 120euro less in the pocket

Late in the boil. .5oz with 3 mins and .5oz at FO.


What do they add flavor/aroma wise?

I would collect rain water for brewing when you have these deluges’, soft water for brewing! Sneezles61

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They offer up some citrus, namely tangerine and a little floral. It’s not overpowering by any means.

Did started colecting. Rain water. See if i get enough. Right now should not be a issue

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