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Lots of bubbles and then nothing within 24 hours

Hi, I’m a first time brewer. I used the Caribou Slobber kit yesterday and put it into the 5 gallon basic fermenter bucket. I used the bubble airlock. Within an hour you could audibly hear the bubbles coming from the bucket. Within a few hours dark foam start to spew out from on top of the airlock. Then a high pitched sound started. I immediately started to do some research and discovered I should use a blow off tube into a bucket with sanitized water. I did this overnight. There was a constant flow of bubbles. When I left for work this morning it was still doing the same thing. When I came home from work there were no more bubbles. I’ve been watching it for a while and there appears to be no reaction coming from the bucket. Does it mean the batch is dead? Is there anything I can do? Thanks for your help/advice in advance.

I’ll take a wild guess that the temp that the pail is sitting at is is on the warm side. Mid 70’s?

If so, the internal temp of the beer will be 5-10* warmer.

The yeast had a wild party yesterday. They ate all the sugars and produced alcohol.

The question now will be what will it taste like because of the warm temps?

Let the beer sit for 2 weeks. That may help mellow out any off flavors that may have been produced. During this time look for ways to keep the fermenter in the mid 60’s for your next batch.


Yup, you likely fermented this way too warm which allowed it to do its job too fast and furious…to make really good beer.

Let it go a couple weeks without worrying about it (plan your next one and research “swamp cooler”) and after about two weeks you will be thrilled with what you created. However, please know that you can make it much better by learning several basic brewing improvements that take time to implement.

Thanks for the responses! I definitely think this was the case. Good lesson learned!

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