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Losing pressure and patience

I am currently running a system with a dual gauge regulator that runs to a distributor which then splits off into my two kegs. The regulator came with the system and the second gauge which measures how full the tank is has never really operated properly. It is basically only good for telling whether there is any co2 in the tank. Anyways with my last two kegs i started experiencing a leak. Normally changing some o rings and tightening things up works for me. This time i went through 5 fills of my 2.5# tank to dispense the two cornies. Soapy water test reveals nothing. I know the kegs (which are usually my problem) are holding pressure. I have retightened and added Teflon tape to my distributor. I feel like the last option is a problem with my regulator. A few times during my last batch the regulator would show about 10-12 psi but when i went to pull a beer it sprayed everywhere. After checking the kegs they were both at at least 30 psi. not sure why this would happen. I just kegged my next two beers and had my co2 filled last week. I hooked it to the regulator and my second gauge showed no co2 in the tank that i had filled days before. I left it hooked into the regulator showing 12 psi and let it sit. Today i went to load my kegs into the fridge and my co2 was completely gone… Just wondering if anyone has any ideas or similar experiences. I would hate to spend $100 on a new regulator only to find that i still have issues. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Keg leaks can be really frustrating. It could be your reg I suppose. Have you dropped it or ever have it fall over?

Could also be something very simple like are you using an o-ring where you attach the high pressure fitting to the cylinder? You should try using a washer there if so. The plastic or felt ones work great and allow you to really tighten the fitting down. They’ve worked better than o-rings for me.

I agree that these can be difficult. So it drained unhooked to a keg so that eliminates one variable. I would check:

  1. the washer between the regulator and tank
  2. the disconnects (I use 1/4" mfl) and can easily leak if not tightened down
  3. where the lines attach to the regulators.

It sounds like the regulator to me, if not what suggested above. Do you know anyone that you can borrow one from to check? Also, did you spray soapy water around the regulator? There’s a lot of potential leaks on a reg.

The tank has fallen over a few times while opening my fridge but nothing that i would think would damage it. I am using washers in place of o rings. Thank you for the advice!

I just refilled and will sit down tonight with a spray bottle of soapy water again until i find something. Going to turn on and off different sections until something shows up.

and thank you for the resonse

I did not try the regulator much yet. Just simple checks. Tonight i am going to really soak it and the rest of my system until hopefully something shows up. I will hopefully have an answer tonight. Thanks.

You jinxed me man. I had just filled my 5lb tank that I use in my lagering chest and it emptied in 48 hours.

Guess I’m joining you in the leak hunt. I’m thinking of filling up a tub of water and checking everything in there. I know all my fittings are tight because I check them everytime i put a new cylinder on or change kegs.

Thinking keg lid, prv or o-rings.

Thats too bad! Well I have not found a solution myself so you Will probably beat me to it. I sprayed down my entire system and regulator without seeing anything. I then filled my lines and legs with co2 then turned off the tank and closed all the valves. Legs held pressure but a couple hours later my regulator which had been at 35 psi was at zero. So it has to be somewhere in there. But the soapy water spray does not show any leak. Might have to suck it up and buy a new reg and hope.

do you use Star San as your sanitizer? Maybe try filling your spray bottle with it and trying it. I have found it bubbles easier than a soap solution. And spray the h€ll out of everything… Even underneath the fittings.

Tried with starsan on my lunch. Found a leak on a connection to my distributor. Do not know why this would cause the regulator to lose pressure when valve is closed and tank is off but going to start here tried with stars and on my lunch. Found a leak on a connection to my distributor. Do not know why this would call is the regulator to lose pressure when valve is closed and tank is off but going to start here.

Sometimes it’s the simplest things…The high pressure line connection didn’t seem very tight when I removed it. Checked all other connestions and found one hose clamp that was damaged and likely seeping a bit and one other nut that needed to be tightened.

Connected the newly filled cylinder a few days ago and all seems fine.

It seems I get leaks too, so I’ve taken to turn on the gas to fill up keg, then turn off and disconnect the keg too! I know, what a PITA…. But then my gas lasts a long time… I to should take completely apart and reboot with teflon tape and some plumbers dope, then maybe will stop the leaking… Sneezles61

It seems to be a common thing. Constantly vigilant for leaks. One of the older guys at Roberts’ Oxygen is a brewer too. When we were talking about leaks one day he said just do your best to minimize connections and mechanical devices between the cylinder and the keg. In other words, splitters, distributors, shut off valves, connectors etc…like my lines look…haha. Makes sense.

I havent a splitter, just on the out of the reg and to the keg…. See, something so simple can beat a kegger up?! I wonder ifn there is a situation that you get what you pay fer…. Is there a top end set of regs that won’t leak like the low end? Anyone? Sneezles61

TapRite regs are considered the standard I believe. They’re the ones with the big red adjustment knob on the front. That’s what I have and to the best of my knowledge they’ve never been a failure point in my system.

Ah figures, I’ve got the little screw. the one where you need a screw driver to adjust…Sneezles61

You ever close on this? Like others, I was thinking it had to be your regulator. In fact, given the erratic behavior you describe with respect to pressure, I’d be tempted to replace it even if not…

I found a bad regulator after much frustration. There was a small hole in the back, why I don’t know that I got bubbles out of while spraying soapy water on the reg. After losing a couple tanks of CO2 I took the entire setup outside and started spraying everything. Then out the back comes bubbles.

I could not find a rebuild kit for that model TapRite so I just ordered a new regulator. They sure look cheaply made compared to the old ones.

BTW the high pressure gauge that shows how much is left will not read correctly (low) if it is inside the fridge.

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