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Loosing yeast from blow off tube

It is day 3 of fermentation and There seems to be a decent amount of yeast in my pale I used for my blow off tube after everything settled down a bit. My beer was fermenting like crazy and a lot of foam was coming out. Do I need to worry at all about the loss of this yeast?

Pretty normal for a warm fermentation. No worries about lost yeast but you may want to look into ways to control your fermentation temperature since a warm fermentation can cause off flavors in the finished beer. A simple swamp cooler setup can help you keep temperatures in check.

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Thank you! Currently the room I keep my beer in sits around 70 that’s when the furnace is not running. I’m brewing a weat beer with wyeast American wheat. Is this running a little bit to warm?

What was the wort temp when you pitched yeast? What’s the current temerature of the beer? You should use stick on “fermometers” on your fermenters so you can monitor the wort/beer temp.

Room temp is not all that relevant to be honest. Your beer could be fermenting much warmer than the room temp.

All yeast have an optimal temperature range. Generally speaking for ales you want to ferment near the lower end of the range for clean fermentation.

In addition to what @dannyboy58 said, most wheat yeasts are true top croppers and require 33% headspace in the fermenter.

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