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Looks like I got an infection

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I have let my carribou slobber go a few extra weeks in the secondary fermenter. The temps in the basement have been cold (temp sticker says 50 degrees) so I figgured the yeast had gone inactive and I didnt’ have to rush

Now a layer of white has developed over the top of the beer. I’m afraid it’s some type of infection. Is this even worth trying to bottle at this point?

Can you sanitize a turkey baster and pull a sample to taste and smell? Could just be a simple slow fermenting and releasing CO2. Sneezles61

Can realy see from the pics but don’t look like a infection looks like it’s top fermenting yeast and hadn’t dropped yet.

Fifty degrees fahrenheit is too cool for any ale yeast. Bring the fermentor to a warmer area. Sixty-eight to 72°F would be okay with the secondary at this stage. Any remaining fermentation will finish or an infection will become more obvious.

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Unless it tastes bad or smells bad, my advice is to come back in off the ledge. :sunglasses: I had the kind of the same question here: What does a fermenter infection look and act like? and the folks on here talked me back in. The pictures in that thread convinced me that I was fine. Even though mine looked crazy it was nothing like the nasty infection pics. To me, yours looks fine. I think I’ve gotten to the point that all the worry about infections is lessening. Even so , every now and then when I get too freaked out I remember there’s a guy on here that brews in trash cans! LOL :beers:

I have had infections before and this looked like one to me. I went ahead and bottled it just in case because, why not at this point. I tasted from the left over and it tasted fine. I have had infections in the past where the off flavors became more pronounced as the beer sat in the bottles, but I guess we’ll see how it goes.

Good luck man! It’s a lot of work to go down the drain. I’ll be interested to hear how it all comes out.

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