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Lookingfor a 5L Keg tap

Kinda a newb when it comes to draft systems. Looking for a part list or volunteer willing to make me one for $$$. I’m looking for a 5l Keg Coupler that I can just screw my lines to like if it was a standard D system Keg Coupler. Looking to tap 5L Kegs that are already filled. This is the setup I have. Looking to redo my beer lines so if someone could recommend a quick disconnect system I can use with D System Couplers as well as a 5L tap. ... -ST-2.html

Following the part list on the 5L mini keg thread will get you to taping the mini kegs. The 1st link looks like the simpler of the two designs.




Then, to make it interchangeable with a Sanke keg you need to add a couple of parts.

Dean’s site has a picture with the part numbers needed to switch from Sanke to Corny kegs.
I think you only need K030[/url] and K027. Maybe [url=]K018

. But I think you can use the nut you have already.

Then, add a couple of P038

parts to the 5L keg lines to be able to use the mini kegs.

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