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Looking to get a bit Fruity

I have a Dead Ringer Kit and a packet of S-04. I am looking to make a bit more of a fruity/British tasting IPA. As I understand things, fermenting temp is key for this.

I ferment in 5 galllon buckets. I have a fermometer (spelling?) on the outside of the bucket, just above where my swamp cooler water comes to.

What should be my target temp on the fermometer for early fermentation? Is 68 about right? Or will that be too high, taking into account the temp of the fermenting beer is probably higher than reflected on the fermometer.

I have a batch of DR IPA made with 05 ready to bottle and I looking forward to the comparison.

Thank you.

The liquid inside the pail should be real close to the water temp, though there is a little insulating property with the plastic. So I would go 70-72* for a fruity note in the beer.

:wink: )

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