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Looking to do a Strwberry Blonde

Good Morning all;

AS I make my way through the wonderful Sierra Madre that seems to get better and better as it ages, I am looking forward to my next brew and it came across to me a Strawberry Blonde…I had always enjoyed the Petes Wicked version and I wouldn’t mind trying to make one of my own…Going through the online catalog I see that there are two different extract recipes but no partial mash kits…I am wanting to try a partial mash to how it changes in the process and overall taste…

However when going through I was wondering what the concensus would be for formulating my strawberry blond…going with the Irish Blonde, or the Lefse…and then using real fruit or fruit extract flavoring at botteling? Any help would be greatly appreciated…

I never liked fruit beer until I had some home brewed. To add the strawberries I get a half to full flat of berries, rinse them and cut in half then drop into a carboy, transfer from your primary onto the berries and give it 3-4 weeks. The strawberries should be white when it is done.

How much are you willing to pay?

I would ask what that has to do other than possible price of fruit or actually changing the flavor profile of the recipe kits that are on line. I am not ready to step into all grain but I would love to give this kind of a recipe a good partial mash try. I may have to dig out my brewers bible and see if there is a blonde ale there that allows for a fruit addition

I guess I misunderstood your request. Oh well, all I have is a slightly gray redhead.

She’s off the market. She just married Gene Simmons.

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