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Looking for Traditional Bavarian Wheat

Greetings fellow suds-heads! Merry Christmas.

Looking for some advice. I am fairly new to brewing with on a few malt extract brews under my belt. I am eventually looking forward to an all-grain brew.

I live in California for reference when making supply purchases.

My favorite beer right now is Ayinger’s Bräu-Weisse. I am also a fan of Paulaner Hefe-weizen and Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier.

I enjoy the banana and clove notes.

Can anyone suggest any recipes that would get me close to the traditional Bavarian Wheat beer?


My favorite wheat yeast Wyeast Weihenstephan Weizen 3068

The real key to making one of these is the yeast. A few years ago there was an epic thread here on the subject, and the outcome of it all seemed to be ferruic acid rest plus yeast makes the beer, but I’m not convinced that the acid rest really makes much of a difference. If you are brewing extract, I’d suggest the following to try:

6.6 lbs of liquid wheat extract (German if you can get it)
8 oz light Munich malt
1/2 oz dehusked black malt
3/4 oz Hallertau hops 60 min
1/2 oz hallertau hops 15 min

Crush the grains and steep in a grain bag in 1 qt 150F water for 30 minutes or so. Remove the bag, rinse it with more hot water to extract the remaining sugars and flavorings (technically you are doing a mini-mash here), then extract and as much water as you normally use to start your boil.

I haven’t extensively tested many yeasts, but was unhappy with 3056 and found WB-06 to be quite good. As most of the flavor of these comes from the yeast, focus on that.

Here is the thread with all the weizen-brewing info you will ever need:


My house recipe:

50% german wheat
25% german pils
25% german light munich

1 oz german hallertauer (3.5%) - 60 min.

WL Hefeweizen IV 380

ferment at 62 degrees, 2 week primary, keg, drink

Thank you all! Happy New Years.

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